some interesting facts

& maybe some not-so-interesting ones


I've had 24 different addresses so far.
(3 of which were allegedly haunted, if you're into that sort of thing.)


I memorized the entire Crayola Big Box of Crayons when I was 8.
(My teacher wasn't impressed with this in the slightest, 
as she took my Box O' 96 away so I would pay attention in class.)


My happy place is a stationery store.
My bank account wouldn't say the same thing.
(I'm a total stationery hoarder - request a note here.)


When I'm working intently on something, I don't listen to playlists -- I put one song on repeat at an uncomfortably loud volume, and it stays that way for hours.
(Play count is in the hundreds for: Daft Punk, Beyoncé, Marian Hill, & even Miley Cyrus)


I cried watching March Madness this year.
(Still love my 'hoos.)


I'm pretty decent at accents - but it gets awkward when I unknowingly mimic someone else's.
(It's hard to explain that I'm neither crazy nor making fun of someone.)