Brand revival: Chef Boyardee


Bring vibrant new life to a mature consumer brand.

The Challenge

Chef Boyardee is a fairly unappealing product in a very unappealing category. So, how can we elevate the brand’s perception and diversify its product offering, without abandoning a loyal consumer base?

The Situation

The good news is, Chef Boyardee had something huge in its arsenal: America's first celebrity chef. No, really - Chef Ettore Boiardi (later Hector Boyardee) was an Italian immigrant who lived the shit out of the American dream.

He also dreamt of a world where food was easy to prepare and gave families more time to be together, so he founded "Chef Boyardee" Italian dinners to make cooking dinner as easy and delicious as it could be for American families.

And then, decades later, we butchered his product into a cheap, kinda gross canned pasta.

The Insight

Chef Boyardee is known for saving people time. But what if we repositioned that slightly, into thinking about the Chef giving you time?

Enter: the gift of time.

the solution

In addition to upgrading the Chef Boyardee product line by extending it into the freezer aisle, we grounded the brand by advocating positive use of the time you save by using Chef Boyardee.

Our first step in that direction? 25th Hour Publishing, a series of children's books that follow the adventures of a little mouse around Chef Boyardee's kitchen.

Logan Kornhauser (Art Director) | Carl Joseph (Experience Designer) |
Erik Osburn (Strategist) | Sarah Westerfield (Copywriter)