International Product: Banana Sauce

The Ask

Take a foreign product that isn't popular in the US, and launch it here.

The Challenge

Banana Ketchup/Sauce is extremely popular in The Phillippines, with its residents putting the condiment all over anything from pasta to sandwiches. But we put it in front of Americans, and they scratched their heads and asked if it's supposed to be put on bananas or what. 

The opportunity

With the rise in popularity of niche condiments and hot sauces, we saw an opportunity to target millennial chefs who wanted to eliminate blandness from their cooking. 

The Solution

We created a compelling brand story featuring an off-beat chef to launch this new, kinda weird condiment... you really have to just watch our video to see what I mean.

The Team: Danielle Young (Brand Manager) | Michelle Spigner (Strategist) | Erik Osburn (Strategist) | Scott Minniear (Copywriter) | Christina Foy (Experience Designer)