Project Salvation: Public Libraries

The Ask

When this project was pitched to us, we were told to "save public libraries" - presumably from extinction.

The problem

But the thing is, we found that libraries are booming overall. In fact, 46% of the country visited a public library last year - and we can't think of a single Fortune 500 company that can make those claims.

So in search of a problem, we discovered that libraries aren't necessarily struggling, but there is this audience of people who are library members, but don't actually use their card. We called them "Cardholders."

The strategy

Challenge the Cardholder and show them that public libraries can shape them into becoming more interesting people. Because after all, no one wants to be considered boring.

The concept

Get interesting.


Danielle Young (Brand Manager) | Noel van Aartrijk (Strategist) | Scott Minniear (Copywriter) | Anna Andreen (Art Director) | Matt Terrell (Art Director)