Pepsi x SodaStream Challenge

The Ask

Pepsi's Global Beverage Group came to the Brandcenter and asked: how can Pepsi disrupt the beverage industry with their partnership with Sodastream, and build a billion dollar brand, within the Make My Own category, in 5 years?


Pepsi wanted to stimulate creative minds and get them excited to make a Pepsi product at home -- but SodaStream is only at 1.5% US household penetration, the HomeMade caps lack customization, & the product doesn't live up to the brand's promise. After all - creativity doesn't exist within a single-serve pod.

The insight

Things that are processed are an enemy to our target. Not things with a process.

The Solution

We went fully analog (and a little bit rogue) with our recommendation for Pepsi to lean into a multi-step process in order to appeal to our fast-growing "Alchemist" target. We know that this target doesn't just want a plain old Pepsi- and if they did, Pepsi in a can works just fine.

So, by branching into a more complex product line of ingredients for soda-making (not simply Pepsi-making) we seized an opportunity for them to connect with these “alchemists." These people are spending more time making and doing and don’t mind taking those extra steps if it means they can wear the badge of pride that comes with saying, “I didn’t buy this — I made this.” 

Taking inspiration from the mixology trends and old fashioned soda syrups, we launched an entirely new extension of Pepsi syrups, which we call “Originals by Pepsi.” 

We loved the concept, and so did the Pepsi executives.

Team: Juliana Clark (CBM), Jacob Huber (CBM), Nic Johnson (CBM); Chris Lumain (AD)